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A 28,000 Year Old Dildo Is On Show at a Sex Exhibit

Sex toys are nothing new, but who knew that they actually date back tens of thousands of years to primitive cave-dwellers. This glossy stone phallus dating from 28,000 years ago is now being exposed together with other early sex toys at the Institute of Sexology exhibition by the Wellcome Collection in London.Made from fourteendiverse pieces […]

An MIT Engineer’s New Sex Toy may close ‘Pleasure Gap’

15% of female contributors reported in a survey that their most recent sexual event was “not at all pleasurable” or only “a little” pleasurable. This phenomenon has become known as the pleasure gap. For MIT Mechanical Engineering graduate Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine, it’s their undertakingto shut that gap by making the first hands-free, couples […]

Salsa Dance: Full Of Intimate Passion

Salsa Dance: Full of Intimate Passion Everywhere you look, be it on television, movies or your favorite bar, the Salsa dance is exploding. Full of Latin American and Western influences, the saucy or spicy technique focused on during the dance, is where the name came from. Due to the sexy flowing movements and the passion […]