Nightclub Dancing – 7 Tips To Become A Sexy Dancer

Nightclub dancing is all about the love of the music, having fun and getting noticed with your sexy dancer moves. So whether you’ve been blessed with a natural boogie rhythm or questionable coordination these nightclub dancing tips will show you how to be a sexy dancer and maximise opportunities with the opposite sex. STEP ONE […]

Be Careful – Your Nightclub Promotions May Be Too Sexy

All night club owners think they know best when it comes to running a nightclub, but some of the most popular promotion ideas in the industry may actually be harming your business, depending on your clientele. One approach doesn’t work for all nightclubs, especially if you consider the differences in each club and it’s most […]

Hot Sexy Flat Stomach Tips Exposed

Dancers are often characterized by the elegant poise, sex appeal and the enviously flat abs they possess, provoking wonder among those surrounding them about what they really do to achieve such a sexy flat stomach. While fads, starvation and other means of achieving the perfect abs plague many, successfully grasping a flat stomach can be […]

Get an Incredible Scorching Look With the Sexy Temporary Body Art

Sexy lingerie, seductive women’s apparel, and sassy clubwear are no doubt hot, but they are getting to be too common. Professional strippers and dancers have to constantly keep updating their style to become the star attraction. In that array the latest style storm in the fashion world is the sexy temporary body art. The sexy […]